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Holdings in Company


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Northcote Energy Ltd / Index: AIM / Epic: NCT / ISIN: VGG6622A1057 / Sector: Oil & Gas
2 April 2015
              Northcote Energy Ltd (`Northcote' or `the Company')
                              Holdings in Company
Pursuant to AIM Rule 17, Northcote announces that it has been advised today by
Horizon Drilling Partners LP that as of 1 April 2015 its holding in the Company
is as follows:
                                  Previous              Current holding
                                  Number of          Number of        Percentage
                            Ordinary Shares    Ordinary Shares
Horizon Drilling Partners LP    115,733,942        138,591,085             4.10%
Furthermore the Company has been advised that following the recent share
placement and acquisition of NAP Inc, Riverbend Energy LLC, Riverbend Drilling
Partners LP no longer hold disclosable interests in the Company.
Furthermore the Company has today been notified that Kevin Green, Non-Executive
Director, as of 1 April 2015, holds 5,937,890 (previously nil) ordinary shares
of Nil par value ("Ordinary Shares") in the Company, representing 0.18% of the
total issued share capital, following an-off market share transfer from an
existing shareholder thereby settling US$85,000 of consulting fees dating back
to 2012.
For further information visit or contact the following:
Randy Connally            Northcote Energy Ltd               +1 214 675 7579
Ross Warner               Northcote Energy Ltd               +44 7760 487 769
Dan Jorgensen             Northcote Energy Ltd               +44 20 7024 8391
Roland Cornish            Beaumont Cornish Ltd               +44 20 7628 3396
James Biddle              Beaumont Cornish Ltd               +44 20 7628 3396
Elliot Hance              Beaufort Securities Ltd            +44 20 7382 8300
Nick Bealer               Cornhill Capital Limited           +44 20 7710 9618
Hugo de Salis             St Brides Media and Finance Ltd    +44 20 7236 1177
Elisabeth Cowell          St Brides Media and Finance Ltd    +44 20 7236 1177