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Mexico Update


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 Northcote Energy Ltd / Index: AIM / Epic: NCT / ISIN: VGG6622A1057 / Sector:
                                   Oil & Gas
8 April 2015
              Northcote Energy Ltd (`Northcote' or `the Company')
                                 Mexico update
Northcote (AIM: NCT) is pleased to announce that Abraham Achar, the Company's
Executive Vice President of Mexico, has been appointed as President of the
Latin American Oil & Gas Association (LAOGA) for Dallas, Texas. LAOGA is an
organisation focussed on integrating and the sustainable development of the
North and South American energy markets. In his role as President he will work
to introduce US based companies to the opportunities opening in the Mexican
Energy Sector and Latin America generally.
Notably Mr Achar, joined Northcote in March 2015 in line with the Company's
strategy to pursue business development activities within Mexico's vast energy
sector which has recently been reopened to international operators. In this
vein, Northcote announced on 30 March 2015, that it had entered into an
agreement with a Mexican company, Gaia Ecologica S.A. DE C.V ('Gaia
Ecologica'), that was established by two oil field and environmental services
companies to pursue opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector in Mexico. Pursuant
to the joint venture, Northcote and Gaia Ecologica will work together to secure
contracts and business opportunities ranging from oil field services,
environmental remediation, waste water treatment to oil and gas development
concessions and production sharing agreements in Mexico.
Northcote Executive Vice President of Mexico Abraham Achar said, "I am
delighted to accept this appointment as President of LAOGA Dallas and I am
excited about the work that LAOGA does to foster deeper relationships among
energy companies in the America's.  As demonstrated by our exposure to Mexico
through our agreement with MX Oil plc and more recently Gaia Ecologica we
believe that Mexico holds significant opportunities to generate value for our
shareholders, and I believe that my work on behalf of LAOGA will compliment my
efforts for Northcote in Mexico."
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