The Horizon Project

The Horizon Project in Osage County, Oklahoma, consists of three sub-areas in close proximity to each other, all of which have secondary objectives up hole that have seen significant development in the surrounding areas. From West to East the sub areas are known as Big Hill, Little Drum, and Mathis.

Big Hill is located in section 12 of 25N-3E and currently has three wells that produce from the Mississippi Lime formation. The existing Mississippian wells have nine laterals, exposing over 25,000’ of reservoir rock that has produced naturally. There are plans for these wells to be fracture stimulated to substantially improve recovery rates starting with the Big Hill 1, 2, and 4 Mississippian laterals. In addition a twin well is to be drilled to the Layton Sand where the Big Hill #4 well encountered 13 feet of productive Layton sand.

The Little Drum area is located in Sections 16, 17 and 18 of 25N-4E and currently has a total of five producing wells, four of which from the Mississippi Lime formation and one from the Layton sand. The four Mississippian wells on the lease will all be fracture stimulated to improve recovery rates. In addition there may be development opportunities for additional wells targeting the shallower Layton and Cleveland sands in the southern portions of these leases.

The Mathis area is located in section 11 of 25N 5E on the far eastern end of the play and has two wells that currently produce from the Mississippian formation. Both of these wells could benefit from fracture stimulation. As a result of the favourable production results from these two wells, additional Mississippian drilling in the Mathis area is expected.

Seismic Map of the Mathis Area