Investor Relations

Shareholder Analysis

Financial summary

Status AIM
Stock Code NCT
Sector Oil and Gas
Financial year end 31 December
Total issued share capital 1,238,066,657 Ordinary Shares
Total voting capital 1,238,066,657 Ordinary Shares
Percentage issued share capital
not in public hands

There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities;

Key Shareholders as at 9th May 2014 which hold more than 3% in the Company

Key Shareholders



Riverbend Energy, LLC 155,700,127 12.58%
Randall Connally 121,169,389 9.79%
Credit Suisse Client Nominees (UK) Limited 90,909,091 7.34%
Horizon Drilling Partners, LP 85,025,917 6.87%
Ross Warner* 77,478,207 6.26%
Geoffrey Tarrant 58,892,597 4.76%
Other Management 20,752,566 1.68%
Other Shareholders 628,138,763 50.74%

* Ross Michael Warner's Shares are held by his wife and also by trusts of which Mr Warner is a potential beneficiary, the registered shareholders being Forest Nominees Limited (9,120,000 Shares representing 1.05% of the share capital on Admission) and Weighbridge Trust Ltd (66,054,600 Shares representing 7.62% of the share capital on Admission).